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The last show of 2007. The gridiron Dawgs prepare to face Hawaii. Plus, assistant basketball coach Pete Herrmann calls-in to give an update of the hardcourt Dawgs.
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The season's over, and the Dawgs are heading to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans to face Hawaii.
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Georgia dominates Georgia Tech, and now a BCS bowl is in the future.
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Can the Dawgs chalk-up another big SEC win against the Kentucky Wildcats?
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Georgia whips Florida in the Cocktail Party, 42-30. Also, Troy State at Georgia preview.
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Georgia-Florida Week. Tebow must be stopped!
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Georgia gets its first SEC East victory since the '06 win over the Gamecocks with a road win over Vanderbilt. Now, the Dawgs have an off-week –– before the Cocktail Party in Jacksonville, Fla.
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Georgia's got to get the SEC East losing streak off it's back -- and a win at Vandy will do just that.
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The Dawgs get set to take on the Vols in Knoxville.
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The Rebels of Ole Miss come to Athens to take on the Dawgs.
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