The Georgia Bulldog fan's weekly call-in radio show and podcast.
DawgDial #2008008 Former Georgia hoops star and current TV analyst Shaun Golden joins host Radi Nabulsi and Steve Patterson of UGASports.com on this edition of DawgDial. What the heck is going on with Dennis Felton's squad? Also, ESPN host and UGA alum Mark Schlabach shares his thoughts on Coach Richt's '08 team, as the Dawgs inch closer to spring drills. And we have a lot of callers, from Winder to Gwinnett County. It's DawgDial, the UGA fan's radio show.
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DawgDial #2008007 New UGA assistant baseball coach Justin Holmes, a member of the Dawgs' 2004 College World Series squad, checks-in with host Radi Nabulsi and UGASports.com publisher Steve Patterson. The 2008 edition of DawgBall gets under way this weekend at home against No. 1 Arizona Wildcats. We also get a dose of Georgia basketball talk from Anthony Dasher; and football DE Jeremy Lomax comments on his offseason.
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DawgDial #2008006 Steve Patterson of UGASports.com joins new DawgDial host Radi Nabulsi, and the pair of UGA experts go through the crop of new Dawg signees. Callers from Augusta and Gwinnett County liven up this edition of the Bulldog Nation's weekly fan-themed radio show and podcast.
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DawgDial #2008005 Signing Day extravaganza, live from The Blind Pig in Athens. UGASports.com has all the good scoop on the new batch of Dawgs. Also, new signees, including Toby Jackson, call-in to the guys. Mike Bobo also joins the broadcast.
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