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South Carolina embarrasses Georgia in Columbia.   The DawgDial hosts weigh-in with their thoughts on the 17-6 loss; and e-mailers and callers from throughout the country also want to discuss this game.  Plus, a preview of how the Dawgs can get back on-track this weekend against highly ranked Arkansas.

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UGA downs Louisiana-Lafayette, and now prepares to head east to Columbia and face Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks.   Anthony Dasher gives us the scoop on what happened with Alec Ogletree's suspension before the ULL Game, as well as the last-minute suspension of A.J. Green.

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Fall premiere.   Hosts Radi Nabulsi and Anthony Dasher discuss the crazy summer in Athens, and how the football team must put the madness behind them as the 2010 season kicks-off Saturday against Louisiana-Lafayette.  Plus, the guys go over the depth chart in detail.

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Mark Richt calls-in to have an exclusive interview with DawgDial hosts Radi Nabulsi and Anthony Dasher.   We get the coach's take on Logan Gray, SEC expansion and even his thoughts on uniforms.   Plus, the hosts report on this past weekend's state track finals, held in Jefferson, Ga. 

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Georgia baseball continues to struggle, and Dawg fans send in e-mails asking about the future of head coach David Perno.   Also, more recruiting news for the gridiron team, and Dash lets us know about the latest going on inside Butts-Mehr.  

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Christian LeMay commits to the Dawgs.   UGASports.com's Kipp Adams traveled to Pineville, N.C., to visit with the talented 2011 quarterback, and we have that interview on this week's show.   Also, Radi Nabulsi and Anthony Dasher discuss the ever-exciting quarterback soap opera taking place in Athens.

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Will quarterback Logan Gray leave the team, or stick around the Classic City?   Anthony Dasher, who first broke this possibility, has the full report.  Also, Dash and Radi Nabulsi have a ton of questions to answer from the DawgDial Inbox.

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Zach Mettenberger is booted from the football team.   The DawgDial gang discusses this move by Mark Richt, as well as answers a plethora of questions from Bulldog Nation about where the gridiron team goes from here.  The guys also discuss the latest football commits, and the UGA baseball team has a miserable week.

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G-Day recap.    Anthony Dasher and Radi Nabulsi weigh-in on the Dawgs' spring game.   Plus, the guys have plenty of questions to answer from DawgDial listeners -- including "Do players have to file taxes?"

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Lady Antebellum star Charles Kelley, a UGA alum and diehard Dawg, is this week's special guest.  We have an update on the dismissal of sophomore defensive end Montez Robinson.  Also, Mark Richt answers spring scrimmage questions from DawgDial co-host Anthony Dasher.

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